Using Farming Skill To Grow Plants In Runescape

Farming is an interesting skill in Runescape, tied in with Cooking and Herblore. Similarly, you can trade your plants for earning Runescape Gold. You have the ability to grow your own variety of plants, from fruits and vegetables, to herbs, trees and other useful plants! Be prepared to get your hands dirty and to do a bit of digging as well!

Runescape skill

To start Farming you will need to find a Farming patch. There are different types of patches around the world where you can grow different things. When you arrive at a patch for the first time it will be overgrown with weeds. You will need to clear these weeds with a rake. You’ll then want to treat the soil with compost by buying from the farmer using your RS Gold.

In most cases, you’ll then use a seed on the farming patch, while having a seed dibber in your inventory, to plant it. Use a watering can on the new plant so it will start growing (not needed if you pay a nearby farmer to take care of your plants). Take care to note that your plants can get diseased and die if left alone.

If your plant gets diseased you will have to use a plant cure potion on the plant (Flowers can also protect your crops). This can be bought from any farmer that lingers close to most farming patches for 25 Runescape gold. You can tell those farmers apart from the attackable ones by their unique names. You can also buy these Plant Cure Potions at Farming Shops, but for 40 Runescape gold. If you don’t use the Plant Cure Potion on your plant in time it will die and you’ll have to clear out your patch with a spade in your inventory.

When you are harvesting some patches you will need a spade as well. You can treat patches with compost to avoid disease and increase harvest yield when you pick the grown plant. Note that you can put several of these on your Toolbelt to avoid the need to bring them along.


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How To Get Construction Fast With Limited RS Gold

Every skill in Runescape can be trained, to increase the amount of experience and advance the player’s level in that skill. Most people see construction as not being a cheap skill. Seeing it is easy to spend a lot of Runescape Gold on getting to level 99. In this guide I will show you three main ways to get from level 1 to level 99 and how much Runescape Gold it will cost you to get there.

Runescape Gold

Get There Fast

Levels 1 to 16: Buy 500 iron nails and 100 planks then make crude wooden chairs.

Level 16: Build a Workshop for 10k.

Levels 16 to 32: Buy 230 oak planks (no nails needed from this point on) and build pluming stands.

Level 32: Build an oak workbench (5 oak planks).

Levels 32 to 38: Build carved oak tables at your work bench. You will need around 235 oak planks.

Levels 38 to 46: Build teak tables, at your workbench, which you will need around 420 teak planks.

Level 46: Build a steel framed workbench (6 oak planks and 4 steel bars).

Levels 46 to 52: Build carved teak tables at your steel framed workbench. You will use around 620 teak planks and 416 cloths.

Levels 52 to 99: Build mahogany tables at your steel framed workbench. You will use 92,140 mahogany planks.

Level 99: Go build your house.


  • If you are making your own planks from logs hire the butler at level 40 for 5,000gp. After awhile he will ask for another 5,000gp to make him keep working, pay him as it will save major time rather than running to the sawmill.
  • Build your workshop next to your portal to get to your workbench quickly.
  • If you want to get fast teaks and mahogany logs move your house to Brimhaven (level 40 construction required).
  • If you want to get to your bank the fastest move your house to Yanille (level 50 construction required).

The Ways To Make RS Gold In Runescape

As we all know that Runescape Gold is an Essential element in the game, you can use Runescape gold buy advanced items or purchase farm field. So, today, we are glad to share three ways to make RS gold fast and easy in Runescape.

To get Archeage Gold form Monster

Actually, to farm gold from monster almost is the usually rule in every MMORPG. About this method, you should have fortunate and huge backpack to pick up items and gold. If you can get the unique items in the game, to be a rich man is easy!

To use Archeage Labor Make Gold

In the Archeage, the setting of labor system is one of the way to get gold. with such a labor system, you can actually run a corporation. Pay people daily to work for you, and you get all your projects finished fast and rip the benefits, while the users get the money they need stably each day.

To Get Gold through Online store

If you don’t want to waste so much time to farm, Buying Runescape Gold by online store is a good method to get to enough RS gold for you. There are so many Runescape service store to provide Runescape gold, Choose a safe one, and buy cheap Runescape Gold.

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Runescape Rewards From Adamant And Runescape Dragons

Adamant and Runescape dragons are ready for battle, and bring a series of rewards. Speaking of loot, besides Runescape Gold, there are bags of it to be had for intrepid dragon slayers. Their drop tables are brimming with valuables, including some all-new rewards unavailable anywhere else.

Runescape Gold

Runescape dragons can drop items to upgrade steadfast, glaiven or ragefire boots, making level 90 power boots in all three styles. You’ll need two of the appropriate item to make an upgrade. The boots degrade, eventually reverting to their level-85 base items. Note that rune dragons only drop the upgrade components while on a Slayer task from Morvran. Elite rune dragons always have a chance to drop them.

The Kethsi ring is a possible drop from elite rune dragons, and imparts a 4% damage boost against metallic dragons when worn – 8% against those in Kuradal’s dungeon. It also gives teleports to adamant or rune dragons – which can be shared by a social slayer partner, if they’re also able to reach the dragons. The ring has five teleport charges, and is destroyed when those are used up.

Elite dragons will rarely drop a Kethsi scroll, which unlocks part of the cosmetic Kethsi outfit, styled after the long-dead mages of that world. There are murals in Brimhaven and on Kethsi which can be cleansed with a fully charged dragonfire shield at 60 and 80 Firemaking. This grants a lump of Firemaking XP, and adds words to your Dragonkin primer.

Today’s update really shows the awesome things we can accomplish through RuneLabs. This month, we’re looking for similarly monstrous high-level mobs – keep submitting, keep supporting, and look forward to more RuneLabs content in the future!

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The Most Successful Questers — Runescape Legends’ Guild

The Legends’ Guild is home to the most adventurous and successful questers in Runescape. It offers Runescape Gold and several useful perks, including a totem where you can charge Combat Bracelets, two stores where you can buy various helpful items (including the world-famous Legends’ Cape), and a dungeon where you can train.

The Entrance

This is the front gate of the Legends’ Guild. As you walk by, the guards will salute you because you are a Legends’ Guild member. As you head to the main building you should see a little house where you started Legends’ Quest where Sir Radimus Erkle used to be. You can find some Papyrus on his desk, as well as a Machete in the Cupboard.

The Ground Floor

As you enter the main building you should find a large room with decorations such as swords and shields. You will see the golden totem pole that you got from Legends’ Quest. You can recharge your Combat Bracelet here if all the charges were used. Here’s what it would say if you looked at the totem pole and if you recharged your bracelet. You can also talk to Sir Radimus Erkle about While Guthix Sleeps Quest, one of the hardest quests in RuneScape.

The Second Floor

A woman named Fionella can be found on this floor. She runs the Legends’ Guild General Store that sells Swordfish, Apple Pie, Attack Potion and Steel Arrows. Here are the prices of those items.

The Third Floor

This floor has two sections. If you went through the east ladder you will find a bank where you can deposit your items and such. If you went through the west ladder you will find Siegfried Erkle. He runs the Legends’ Guild Shop of Useful Items. When you trade him you’ll see that he sells Mithril Seeds, Dusty Key, Maze Key, Right Half of The Dragon Square Shield and the almighty Legends Cape. Here are the prices of those items.

You can bury the mithril seeds to grow flowers anywhere you want. When you bury them you have the option of taking the flower or leaving it on the ground. The Maze key is used to enter Melzar’s Maze near Rimmington. The Dusty Key is used to enter the gate with the Blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon. The Right Half of The Dragon Square Shield can be smithed together with the Left half to get a Dragon square shield. You need 60 Defence to wear the shield.