The Cooking Skill In Runescape

In addition to earning Runescape Gold, sustain and enhance life skills are also important in Runescape. Like many people say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, even for a Runescape.

Runescape gold

The Cooking skill is used to cook raw food such as pie, pizza, and fish so that it can be eaten by players to restore missing Life Points in Runescape, or to temporarily boost skill levels. There are many different types of food in RuneScape, each requiring a certain skill level to cook, and each food has its own effect when eaten.

Before raw foods can be eaten, they must be cooked on either a Range or a Fire created using the Firemaking skill. Cooking Ranges are found throughout RuneScape, and are marked on the map with a Cooking Pot icon. One benefit to using a Range is that these appliances offer a lower burn rate than that of a Fire. There are also other objects found around RuneScape which can be used to cook food, including the Sulphur Vents of TokHaar, everlasting Campfires, and Iron Spits.

While meat, fish and stews can all be cooked over a Fire, most other items including bread, pizza and pie must be cooked on a Range. The exception to this includes foods such as Raw Chompy and Raw Rabbit, which must be cooked on an Iron Spit. To cook an item, simply “use” the raw food with a Fire or Range. If you are carrying multiple pieces of the same food, a cooking dialog will appear allowing you to select how many of a given food you would like to cook. After selecting how many you would like to cook, click on the picture of the food and you will begin cooking them, one at a time. By default, you will cook all of the selected item in your inventory.

During your adventures while Cooking food, you will undoubtedly burn some of your food, yielding a burnt item. These items cannot be eaten, and are for the most part, useless. Burning food yields no experience. As you continue developing your Cooking skill above the required level for a given item, you will find that you are gradually burning less food. Some foods, particularly those in the low to mid level range, have a point at which they will no longer be burned once a player reaches a certain level.

As explained above, cooking food on a Fire increases the chance that a raw food item will be burned. Regular ranges have a better chance at cooking food properly. There is also a special Cooking Range located in Lumbridge Castle, which further decreases the chance of burning food when a player cooks on it. To use the range, players must complete the Cook’s Assistant quest. For members, wearing Cooking Gauntlets will decrease the chance of burning fish when cooking on a Range or Fire.


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