The Steps To Trade RS Gold At RunescapeGold2007

There is no doubt that Runescape is gain increasing popularity nowadays. Meanwhile, Runescape Gold is necessary to play the games. Then, how to get RS gold immediately in an urgent situation? Here, RunescapeGold2007 guarantee that we can offer you the cheapest RS gold in 10 minutes.

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Three steps to Buy Runescape Gold in 10 minutes at RunescapeGold2007:

1. Place your order

1) Select the type and amount of RS gold you want, then click “Buy Now”.

2) Fill in your account information and personal details (name, address).

3) Select the payment methods you prefer and submit your order.

Note: Please be sure that the information you provided to us is accurate so that we can fulfill your order timely.

2. Contact with our 24/7 Live Chat Help to confirm the trade place

1) Once you place an order successfully, please come to our 24/7 Live Chat Help to confirm your purchase and our live supporter will tell you where you should go to have the trade.

2) Don’t forget to make sure that you have entered your character name correctly and turn your personal chat on in order that we can find you timely and exactly.

3) Then, going to the right place according to the clue and being ready to have a trade with us.

3. Face to face delivery

When you arrive the right place at RunescapeGold2007, we will have a face to face trade with you and we promise that we will finish the trade in 10 minutes.

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