The Introduction About Runescape Dungeoneering

In Runescape, Dungeoneering is a skill which involves raiding the vast dungeons of Daemonheim either by yourself or with your comrades. You can get Runescape Gold, solve puzzles, and help you survive by fighting each floor of the dungeon contains monsters. Armour and weaponry obtained in Daemonheim CANNOT be taken out of the dungeons. The diligent dungeoneer, however, can accumulate tokens to spend on rewards which enhance skills and combat outside the dungeons, and get more Runescape gold.

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You can start Dungeoneering just west of Al-Kharid’s bank. Speak with the Fremennik Shipmaster, who can sail you to a peninsula on the east side of the wilderness. Not to worry, you can’t be attacked here. In the middle of the peninsula stands a castle courtyard. Within the courtyard are several entrances to different realms of the dungeon. Outside the courtyard, the Dungeoneering tutor can describe the highlights of the skill and give you the ring of kinship.

You must place your items and combat gear in your bank before heading into the dungeons. The only items allowed inside are the ring of kinship, orb of oculus and a number of experience-boosting pendants such as Pendants of Skill and Prized pendants of Skill. You can find a Fremennik banker just outside the courtyard.

Below is a summary of everything on the ring of kinship’s party interface:

  • Party Member Name/XP Toggle: this lists all the names of people currently in your party. Beside the names you will also see a button to toggle XP sharing. Click on the XP icon next to your name if you wish to disable sharing XP with other party members.
  • Form Party/Invite Player/Leave: this button allows you to begin a party. Pressing it reveals two other buttons which allow you to invite other players (if you are the party leader) or leave the party. You can also play solo.
  • Floor: pressing the change button here will allow you to change the current dungeon floor you want to explore. You can’t do this while you’re in a dungeon.
  • Complexity: pressing the change button here will allow you to change the complexity level of the dungeons. You can’t do this while you’re in a dungeon.
  • Guide Mode: ticking the checkbox will enable a mode which shows you the critical path through the dungeon. Doing so will reduce the amount of XP you will receive, however. For low complexity levels, guide mode is automatically enabled.
  • Reset: this resets your current progress through the dungeons but preserves your prestige. Pressing this is crucial when you do not have the required level to proceed to the next floor and wish not to repeat a floor at zero prestige.

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