Runescape Death System Has Been Reworked

The Death system has been reworked by beta in RuneScape, which means the more freedom in how you reclaim your items and more leeway when things go wrong, while retaining the risk in your most dangerous adventures.

When you die – as long as you’re not in the Wilderness or in a safe area – the following applies:

Items are now stored by Death when you die. He will look after them for 24 hours of in-game time. This persists across log-outs, so disconnects are no longer a danger. You will respawn in his office.

You will be able to claim back your items in exchange for coins, by sacrificing items eligible to be lost for their coin value, or a combination of the two, using a new interface. Items that would have degraded on death, won’t do so if reclaimed from Death’s storage, as the penalty is now reflected in the buy-back mechanic.

If you choose not to reclaim items from Death immediately, your gravestone will spawn when you leave his office. Gravestone timers have been reduced, but this will allow you to reclaim items using the degrade-on-death mechanics you’re used to. If you choose to try and get back to your gravestone and don’t make it, Death will still be holding your items.

You can return to Death within 24 hour in-game hours if you wish to claim some of your items back later. Be aware, though, that dying again will wipe the stored items – only the items and equipment you were carrying during your most recent death are stored.

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